Barbara’s turn to try to persuade the Doctor to help them get home using the Dalek time machine.

Favourite scenes of Doctor Who 8.05 “Time Heist”
“I was hoping for minimalism, but i think i came out with magician”

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I’m at the point where I literally cannot conceive of how you look at Clara Oswald and see nothing. You might as well be an alien, your mind would be more understandable to me.

What’s the thing I care about most in defining her? Is it the control freak tendencies? The drive to help people? Her dreams of travel, of wonders? Nope. Those are other people’s answers. I can see them, but that’s not it for me. Is it the responsibility, conventionality, morality, poise, the way she pretends to be braver than she is and later is, how good she is with children, being a total cutie pie? Yes but no. It’s more than that. Is it the sentimentality I see myself in, the philosophical bent to her intelligence, or simply the fact that she keeps coming home to show us more and more of both her lives?

It’s not. It’s all of the above. Then layer in the teacher, the stories, the tea, the family history, the impeccable dress sense and the way she sometimes narrates her thoughts aloud and finally you reach the reason why I care about her more than I can grasp: she is so much. She is so complicated and ineffably, vitally real to me.

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[clara oswald]

Some Random Amateur’s Guide To Overthinking The RTD Era


So the lovely moffatappreciationlife recently posted an excellent guide for people who want to give Moffat Who a fair go but can’t get it to work for them for some reason, and I thought… why not do the same kind of thing for people who want to get more out of RTD Who? So here’s a guide to RTD Who for Moffat fans, with the same intention as the other guide - so that even if the RTD era still isn’t your favourite, you’ll have a better idea of why people get something out of it.

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"Who said anything about home? I’ve got much more crazy things to do yet!" –– Mel Bush

Mel Bush | Underappreciated Companions (14/22)

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Bit early, aren’t you? Did it all go wrong, or is this good by your standards? 

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Clara’s outfits in The Caretaker (requested by hislastval)


GIF MEME | Rose Tyler + Quotes
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Martha Jones from A to Z [insp]